Introducing the #HillProject

Who we are & what we do

On Tues 28 May, four independent artists got together for an exclusive collaboration as part of Kingston University’s live series: VS Live to Tape. All artists, both former and current KU students, showcased original material in the intimate Visconti Studio, a project started by the prestigious Tony Visconti.

* 1pm, Tues 28 May at Visconti Studios *


Members are:
Afternoon Drifter (Tarik Ech-Charif) a practicing musician for over 25 years who specialises in Ambient Guitar Soundscapes, Dub, Sound Design and Electronica.

 J.Castle (Jeremy Castillo) is a current MA student who is a diverse bass guitarist his main interests are trap, dub fused with funk and R&B.

Ivette Kay (Ivi Kougea) is a classically trained musician who experiments with woodwind and live effects. Ivette Kay specialises in composing music for meditation.

Mr Howler (Jack Stanley) Is an accomplished pianist and keyboard player who fuses R&B, Jazz styles with Hip Hop beats, Synthesis and Rhythm Programming.