PREMIERE MIX: Brussels to LA

And so it begins. Here we have a mini-mix to get things started.

This showcases two talents I stumbled across on my first Mr Howler venture, plus a couple of usual suspects from my vinyl stack. So without further ado, may I present the smooth tones of Saï Dew, blended with the soulful sampling of \\STAFFORD//.

1) Wandering by Saï Dew: 0:00 - 7:48

👍 Jazz piano entry, muted trumpet, swelling synth, vox sample 💚 that swung piano against the straight beat! @sai_dew_music

2) Time & Space by Cinematic Orchestra: 7:48 - 10:56

3) Bae by \\STAFFORD//: 10:56 - 13:04

👍 Harsh & clean dropouts, hidden soft synth melody 💚 that Barry White sampling! @alucidone

4) Do the Astral Plane by Flying Lotus: 13:04 - 17:03

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Mr H x

#Brussels #LA #JazzPiano #Trumpet #Synth #CinematicOrchestra #BarryWhite #FlyingLotus #SaïDew #STAFFORD #Electronic

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