Introducing the #HillProject: Who we are & what we do

***UPDATE*** 8 June: The live showcase has now been mixed down to tape in Visconti Studios and is available in IGTV! Go have a ganders 👀


On Tues 28 May, four independent artists got together for an exclusive collaboration as part of Kingston University’s live series: VS Live to Tape. All artists, both former and current KU students, showcased original material in the intimate Visconti Studio, a project started by the prestigious Tony Visconti. *1pm, Tues 28 May at Visconti Studios * Members are: Afternoon Drifter (Tarik Ech-Charif) a practicing musician for over 25 years who specialises in Ambient Guitar Soundscapes, Dub, Sound Design and Electronica. J.Castle (Jeremy Castillo) is a current MA student who is a diverse bass guitarist his main interests are trap, dub fused with funk and R&B. Ivette K (Ivi Kougae) is a classically trained musician who plays flute and clarinet. Ivette K specialises in music for meditation. Mr Howler (Jack Stanley) Is an accomplished pianist and keyboard player who fuses R&B, Jazz styles with Hip Hop beats, Synthesis and Rhythm Programming.

#HillProject #jazzhop #traphop #jazzfunk #chillhop #collaboration #dub #JCastle #IvetteK #AfternoonDrifter

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