What's the deal, Mr Howler?

Music has never been easier to create and share than it is today. Many have argued that this influx of music has made it harder to enjoy, or at least more difficult to find something enjoyable.

"The world don't need no more songs...they've got enough" - Bob Dylan

Less than a week ago, I started to delve into this world of diluted music and found some inspiring stuff, with three talents spreading from Brussels to LA that particularly spring to mind. Not to mention a very tasteful French label I want to find out more about. All of which will be revealed in my coming blogs, mix tapes and social blurbs.

Bob Dylan may have been right when he said the world didn't need any more songs. Really, the world doesn't need music at all. But I'm pretty sure we want more.

What I offer is to share everything that inspires me and my music, in the hope that it does the same with you and yours.

Mr H x

#LA #Scotland #Brussels #BobDylan #Synth #HipHop #LazyGroove

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